Heat Policy

8th July 2021 - Club News

The Port Fairy Golf Club has a responsibility to provide guidelines which support safe playing conditions for all players.  In so much as this policy provides a set of rules to guide play, it is recognised that heat affects each person differently.  As such, it remains the responsibility of the individual to recognise their capabilities and limitations and to act in accordance with them to stay safe in all playing conditions.

This policy applies to all members and green fee players.

Policy Statement:

  • If the Bureau of Meteorology website is forecasting temperatures for Port Fairy of 37 degrees or greater, the staff are to open up earlier tee times for that day.

  • If the temperature as measured at the golf course reaches 37 degrees on any day golfers will be called off the course and the course closed.

The Club Captain, or if they are not available, the staff member in charge on the day is responsible for implementing this heat rule policy. 

Adopted: May 2019
Revised: January 2020

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