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Port Fairy Golf Club Inc 

2019 / 2020 

Committee Members


Stephen Uebergang

Vice President:

Helen Rix


Tim McNally


Helen Bacon

Captain: Peter Redford

Committee Members  

Andrew Dwyer

Eda Ritchie

Matt Hoey

Warwick Taylor

Tony Ryan

Helen Mahony

Greg Godde

Mark Phillips

Port Fairy Golf Club Heat Policy

The decision to alter or cancel an event will be made by the Match Committee on the day with due consideration to all factors affecting the local weather. As the response to heat varies from person to person it remains the responsibility of the individual to recognise their capabilities and limitations and to act in accordance with them.

Should the temperature reach 36 degrees or above all competitions shall be cancelled immediately. A Competition can be deemed to be active if 80% or more of the field have completed the competition. If less than 80% of have not been deemed as completed the entire competition is cancelled.

On the proceeding day at 5PM the forecast temperature is for 36 degrees or above the next days competition shall be cancelled.

Should the temperature reach 40 degrees or more the Golf Course will be CLOSED for health and safety reasons.

May 2019

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